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Cheque Mate Bookkeeping

We are a Canadian based company serving business owners all across the country. We are experienced professionals with over 40 years of experience and specialize in paperless bookkeeping, personal income tax returns, payroll, audit assistance, and business consulting.

Paperless Bookkeeping

Cloud-based & synced in real time

Cheque Mate offers online bookkeeping using QuickBooks Online®.

  • Full cycle accounting
  • Cloud based solutions
  • App integration
  • Strategy development
  • Automation


Business Owners Helping Business Owners

Cheque Mate helps build your business and maximize profitability.

  • Office organization
  • Administrative support
  • Off-site/part-time CFO
  • Transition to paperless
  • HR services


compliant, accurate and on-time

Cheque Mate manages payroll using QuickBooks Online®.

  • Application of labour standards
  • Employee portal
  • Direct deposit
  • T4’s
  • Record of Employment